Kalamoti Today

The alterations, demolition of some representative traditional buildings of the area, or the expansion of the village to the south and the construction of buildings with all modern conveniences composes the characteristics of Kalamoti's built-up situation.

All the old buildings, which have four-sided perimeter of the Medieval village, have a subsequent origin. The wood-constructions are very rare and opposite to the local tradition. During the Turkish domination many roofs made of wood and tile have been constructed. "Travaka" is another type of roof, which was wooden covered with a special type of tiles.

The lack of support, restoration and protection of these traditional buildings threaten the medieval built-up area in Southern Chios. The urban planning has not been totally altered.

The main problem is not the restoration of the old village, but the preservation and maintenance of the existing historic, traditional buildings.

It is true that no building can be constructed exactly as it has been before. Moreover, any place, big or small, which loses contact with its routes and history, is condemned to lose its identity and become an amount of people with no past and future. Part of the village is preservable.

A carefully organized, restored, expanded according to its traditional medieval colour, not opposed to the reality, in combination with the magical beach of Komi will compose a touristic attraction, pride and privilege of the modern inhabitant of Kalamoti.