About Us

In 2000, a year after our father's death, Georgios K. Kanariou, we created the site http://www.kalamoti.net.gr/ by opening a window through the world wide web, for our fellow villagers and Kalamoti's friends, wherever they live on earth. A window of information as well as a meeting point for us and whoever else loves our village. In 2010, ten years later, in the memory of our mother, Kalliopi Kanariou-Mavrotheri, we upgraded the site.

We believe that in this way we assist in promoting Kalamoti. In addition, it is a way to honour all those, who have played an integral part in maintaining the historical importance of our village. Our motives are: the love for Kalamoti, the promotion of the land of masticha, and the deep respect for those who have tried to keep alive our village with their love, devotion and achievements.

Our ultimate goal is for Kalamoti to sustain its physiognomy and characteristics, having the leading role, which it has had for ages among the Mastichochoria (group of villages of masticha).

Maria G. Kanariou
Argyro G. Kanariou

*Our thankfulness to
Christos K. Arampatzis, Georgios I. Damalas, Penio D. Kassari, Panos I. Liverakos, Eugenia T. Papathoma, Agni Pikioni, Manuela Pucher
Special acknowledgments to
Litsa Mpalla-Tiktopoulou

** Our initiative is to donate this website to the Kalamoti Society of Attica - "Aghia Paraskevi"